Why Barreto & Partners ?

Barreto & Partners offers their clients a dedicated and bespoke approach to delivering high performance wealth management.

Flexibility: Barreto & Partners’ structure of a boutique investment adviser allows closer contact and better knowledge of their clients.

Independence: Barreto & Partners selects financial products based on the best interests of the client, not on the interest of the banks. This independence is a key difference from the traditional approach of private banks which favor their own products.

Personal Advice: Our clients enjoy constant direct access to our portfolio manager and founder Osmar Barreto. This direct relationship ensures that clients obtain a confidential and personalized service, always.

Experience: Osmar Barreto’s decades long proven track record in international financial markets and techniques as well as worldwide private banking, insures rigorous selection of investment products based on the sophisticated assessment techniques. This selection is designed to preserve and accrue client’s assets over time.

Confidentiality: Through rigorous internal procedures Barreto & Partners guarantees full confidentiality at all times.

Transparency: The client may request and obtain a detailed analysis of a portfolio’s performance at any time. Upon request Barreto & Partners provides detailed specific financial information on your investment.

Safety: Barreto & Partners manages client’s investments and the depository bank of the client’s choice offers additional and independent controls over these investments.

Client service: A permanent dialogue and personal contact with clients is one of our principles. We take time to listen and to understand clients’ goals, views and objectives. Choosing of depository bank, establishing a client’s profile and building a common sense strategy are the means to achieve our customers’ requirements.

Barreto & Partners provides full transparency to its clients about its own fees. Furthermore, all commissions, costs and rebates to third parties are openly disclosed.

Barreto & Partners does not have the right to dispose of clients’ assets. This is protected by a clear and specific clause in clients’ contracts.